Katsunori Tanaka

  • Title Assistant Professor
  • Department Applied Biology and Food Sciences
  • Course Biotechnology Course
  • Research Field Plant Breeding
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Research Theme

Plant breeding, Utilization of genetic resources, Crop Evolution, DNA Archaeology


  • Tanaka, K., Akashi, Y., Fukunaga K., Yamamoto, T., Aierken, Y., Nishida H., Long, C.L, Yoshino, H., Sato, Y.I.,Kato, K. Diversification and genetic differentiation of cultivated melon inferred from sequence polymorphism in the chloroplast genome. Breeding Science 63: 183-196, 2013.
  • Nishida, H., Ishihara, D., Ishii, M., Kaneko, T., Kawahigashi, H., Akashi, Y., Saisho, D., Tanaka, K., Handa, H., Takeda, K. and Kato, K.: Phytochrome C is a key factor controlling long-day flowering in barley. Plant Physiol. 163, 804-814, 2013.
  • Castillo, C.C, Tanaka, K., Sato, Y.-I., Ishikawa, R., Bellina, B., Higham, C., Chang, N., Mohanty, R., Kajale, M., Fuller, D.Q: Archaeogenetic study of prehistoric rice remains from Thailand and India: evidence of early japonica in South and Southeast Asia. Archaeological and Anthropological Science 8: 523-543 (2016)
  • Tanaka, K., Kamijo, N., Tabuchi, H., Hanamori, K., Matsuda, R., Suginomori, J., Sato, Y.-I., Udatsu, T., Ishikawa, R.: Morphological and molecular genetics of ancient remains and modern rice (Oryza sativa) confirm diversity in ancient Japan. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 63:447-464 (2016).
  • Tanaka, K., Stevens, C.J, Iwasaki, S., Akashi, Y., Yamamoto, E., Dung, T.P, Nishida, H., Fuller, D.Q, Kato, K.: Seed size and chloroplast DNA of modern and ancient seeds explain the establishment of Japanese cultivated melon (Cucumis melo L.) by introduction and selection. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 63(7): 1237–1254 (2016).
  • Dung, T. P., Tanaka, K., Akashi, Y., Thuy, D. T., Nishida, H., Kato K. (2016) Molecular-based analysis of genetic diversity and classification of Japanese melon breeding lines. 岡山大学農学部学術報告105, 7-15.
  • Dung, T. P., Thuy, D. T., Tanaka, K., Nhi, P. T. P., Nishida, H., Kato K. (2016) Development of RAPD-derived STS (Sequence-Tagged-Site) markers for genetic diversity assessment in melon(Cucumis melo L.). Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A &B & Hue University Journal of Science 5: 449-456

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Katsunori Tanaka