Department of Biology

Students willing to understand fundamental biological phenomena by analyzing flora and fauna.

Students interested in ecology and the classification of biological matter, who want to understand biodiversity, adaptive strategy, and the mechanisms of evolution.

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Students seeking to understand the mystery of life and unknown biological functions at cellular, molecular, and atomic levels.

Students seeking to create the next biotechnology by applying the latent potential that organisms possess.

Department of Applied Biology and Food Sciences

Students willing to develop the capabilities of food resources by analyzing biological resources, including biotechnology for plant breeding and food science-oriented methods.

Students seeking to understand the characteristics of the production environment, such as the mutual interaction of diverse insects and micro-organisms, and solve environmental problems related to biological production.

Department of Agriculture and Horticulture

Students seeking to explore agricultural production that is harmonious with nature, and develop and use new food resources.

Students seeking to solve agricultural problems from an economic systems perspective.

Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

Students seeking to solve problems in local communities and to maintain and conserve the environment with regard to natural spaces in rural areas.

Students seeking to manage agricultural infrastructure and develop local communities through soil and water-related agricultural engineering.

Admission Policies

Policies on Curricula and Granting Degrees