Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

Create a region and environment; connect with “Agriculture” and “Engineering”

This is the only Civil engineering subject at Hirosaki University, it focuses on thought provocation about Community improvement and Agriculture maintenance in order to preserve the regional environment.


Agricultural Civil Engineering Course

This course aims to teach students about practical Agricultural Civil Engineering. Because this program has received authorization from JABEE, you will receive a qualification of engineer training on completion of this course, this will make the process of becoming a full qualified Engineer much easier.

Rural Environment Studies Course

Using Agricultural Civil Engineering as a base, this course aims to give people the skills to influence the future of a wide variety of areas such as the environments, societies and economies of farming villages and mountainous areas., It is advisable that you have completed a wide variety of courses such as Agricultural Civil Engineering, Environmental Studies and Economics before participating in this course

Research Field

  • Environmental Water Use Engineering
  • Irrigation, Drainage and Hydraulic Engineering
  • Irrigation, Drainage Water Use Engineering
  • Agricultural Land Engineering
  • Agricultural Land Physics
  • Agricultural Land Conservation
  • Agricultural Information Engineering
  • Agricultural Facilities Engineering
  • Rural Energy Engineering
  • Rural Planning
  • Watershed-based Erosion Control Engineering