Overview of the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, Hirosaki University

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At the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science at Hirosaki University, you are endowed with opportunities to study environment-conscious agriculture and biotechnologies that can facilitate the development and use of biological resources.

Our objective is to prepare students with fundamental and specialized life sciences academic skills and help students acquire the interdisciplinary and comprehensive abilities needed to understand life systems and create next-generation biology-related industries.

We also aim to develop global-minded individuals who are able to play a role in the development of a rich local environment, and nurture qualities and competence to set and solve problems individually.

Message from the Department Chair

The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science was established in 1997, bringing together the two concepts of Science and Agriculture.

Students in our department studying life sciences can take advantage of its location by going into the great outdoors, observing living things in their natural habitats, and learning about nature conservation. There is also an abundance of yet-unstudied genetic resources here, and students can take a practicum on fermentation technology using microbes from the Shirakami Sanchi mountain area, or one in which they analyze the components of those microbes which can be made into potent pharmaceuticals.

Hirosaki is located in a thriving agricultural region, and one of our department’s unique features is that students studying fields like horticulture, plant breeding, and animal husbandry can gain hands-on experience in the immediate vicinity of the university.

Beginning in 2016, we have begun expanding our program of study on agricultural economics in the global perspective, and increasing student enrollment. The new program will focus on food-related fields of study like food science, in which students will analyze dietary components of local agricultural products, their safety, value added via processing, as well as survey their potential for export.

Hirosaki University is a national university located on the northern tip of Japan’s main island. It is close to the Japan Sea and the Mutsu Bay, and is surrounded by the Hakkoda and Shirakami mountain ranges. The air is clean, and it is the perfect environment for students to focus on their studies. The view from campus of the sun setting over our splendid Mt. Iwaki is magnificent: it both nourishes the soul, and gives us energy to face the following day.

Hirosaki city is known for its beauty, but its charms do not end with those of the famous cherry blossoms of Hirosaki Castle, the nighttime summer Neputa festival, apples and orchards, and white blankets of snow. When you live here, you can directly experience the inheritance and practice of Japan’s wonderful culture of shrine festivals and ancestor worship during O-bon. Hirosaki is the location of a beautiful and authentic landscape of Japan.

Come and learn, together with us, in this wonderful environment and beautiful city!

Chair of the Hirosaki University Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science

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