Postgraduate Courses


Postgraduate Courses

We offer postgraduate programs for Master’s Degree, and the program consists of five courses; Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Applied Biosciences, Agriculture and Horticulture, and Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. After the Master’s degree, the students can perform the Doctor’s program at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Iwate University (UGAS). Hirosaki University is a member of the United Graduate School.


Master’s Degree

By coordinating the undergraduate education, more highly interdisciplinary and international education/research would be performed to develop high-level human resources such as

・A specialist who can contribute to the development of communities
・A highly skilled engineer with the ability to work all over the world
・A researcher who will explore leading-edge.

As a general rule, two years of study are required for a master degree. There is a teaching assistant (TA) program, which provides opportunity for students to assist professors with teaching or experiments with a salary.



Course Sub-Course Research Field
Biology Basic Biology Course Molecular Cytogenetics / Environmental Physiology of Plants / Developmental Biology / Plant Molecular Physiology / Animal Physiology / Developmental & Reproductive Biology / Plant Cell Biology / Molecular Developmental Biology
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology Course Plant Ecology / Evolutionary Ecology /
Animal Ecology / Forest Ecology /
Plant Taxonomy / Systematic Zoology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Basic Life Science Course Molecular Biology / Immunobiology / Biochemistry / Molecular Biology / Bioorganic Chemistry / Natural Products Chemistry / Biochemistry
Applied Life Science Course Microbial Chemistry / Enzymology / Plant Biochemistry / Enzymology / Biological Chemistry / Environmental Microbiology / Applied Microbiology
Applied Biosciences Food Development Course Plant Breeding / Food Science / Plant Molecular Genetics / Molecular genetics of bacteria / Food Chemistry
Plant Protection and Environment Course Comparative Endocrinology / Plant Pathology / Soil Science / Environmental Botany
Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture Course Pomology / Animal Reproduction and Development / Animal Feeding / Animal Production / Agricultural Engineering / Agricultural Machinery / Vegetable science / Floriculture ( Ornamental Horticulture ) / Crop Science / Crop Science and Stress Physiology / Horticulture
Agricultural Economics course Cooperatives / Food Economics / Regional Agricultural Strategy / Farm Management / Rural Sociology / Agricultural Marketing
Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Agricultural Civil Engineering Course / Rural Environment Studies Course Environmental Water Use Engineering / Irrigation, Drainage and Hydraulic Engineering / Irrigation, Drainage Water Use Engineering / Agricultural Land Engineering / Agricultural Land Physics / Agricultural Land Conservation / Agricultural Information Engineering / Agricultural Facilities Engineering / Rural Energy Engineering / Rural Planning / Watershed-based Erosion Control Engineering


Admission Policies


Research Subject



Basic Biology Course
Research Field Research Subject Staff Name
Molecular Cytogenetics Analysis of genetic diversity based on nucleotide sequences and/or chromosome in vertebrates KUROO Masaki
Environmental Physiology of Plants Regulation of photosynthetic source-sink balance KASAI Minobu
Developmental Biology Molecular-genetical and cell-biological studies of cell differentiation and morphogenesis in the social amoeba, Dictyostelium FUKUZAWA Masashi
Plant Molecular Physiology Fundamental and applied studies on molecular physiology in photosynthetic organisms OHKAWA Hiroshi
Animal Physiology Molecular physiological studies on locomotor/behavioral control in marine zooplankton. NISHINO Atsuo
Developmental & Reproductive Biology Mechanisms underlying regulation of reproductive switching between asexual and sexual reproduction in planarians KOBAYASHI Kazuya
Plant Cell Biology Molecular mechanisms regulating cell division and cell differentiation in plants SASABE Michiko
Molecular Developmental Biology Research on the morphogenetic mechanism and regulation of gene expression in sea cucumber Holothurian YOSHIDA Wataru
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology Course
Research Field Research Subject Staff Name
Plant Ecology Ecological studies on plant adaptive and evolutionary mechanisms SUGIYAMA Shuichi
Evolutionary Ecology Studies of evolution and biodiversity using invertebrates such as insects and earthworms IKEDA Hiroshi
Animal Ecology (1) Ecology of fishes and birds  (2) Conservation and restoration of ecosystem AZUMA Nobuyuki
Forest Ecology Ecological studies on plant adaptive and evolutionary mechanisms ISHIDA Kiyoshi
Plant Taxonomy Analysis of local flora and plant community dynamics ISHIKAWA Yukio
(The Shirakami Institute for Environmental Sciences, Hirosaki University)
Life History of Plants, Plant Taxonomy and Biological conservation YAMAGISHI Hiroki
(The Shirakami Institute for Environmental Sciences, Hirosaki University)
Systematic Zoology Systematics, taxonomy, zoogeography and studies on biodiversity of invertebrates, mainly insects. NAKAMURA Takeyuki
(The Shirakami Institute for Environmental Sciences, Hirosaki University)


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Basic Life Science Course
Research Field Research Subject Staff Name
Molecular Biology Structure and function of intermediate-size non-protein-coding RNAs (is-ncRNAs), Functional RNomics USHIDA Chisato
Immunobiology Study on metastasis of cancer, The establishment of murine tumor cell line, Image analysis of the cell movement. HATAKEYAMA Koki
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Molecular mechanism of translation, Ribosome maturation pathway, Novel stress response pathway involved in ribosome HIMENO Hyouta
Bioorganic Chemistry Isolation and Structural determination of biologically active metabolites, Organic syntheses, and their Applications HASHIMOTO Masaru
Natural Products Chemistry Chemical studies on bioactive natural products TAKADA Noboru
Biochemistry Structure and mechanism in protein synthesis, Molecular mimicry in translation. KURITA Daisuke
Applied Life Science Course
Research Field Research Subject Staff Name
Microbial Chemistry Regulation of gene expression in lower eukaryotes OHMACHI Tetsuto
Enzymology Structure, function, and application of carbohydrate-degrading enzymes. YOSHIDA Takashi
Plant Biochemistry, Enzymology Analytical and applied studies on metabolic production mechanisms in plant and microbe HAMADA Shigeki
Biological Chemistry Mechanisms of oxygen independent mitochondrial electron transfer SAKAMOTO Kimitoshi
Environmental Microbiology Research on environmental microorganisms TONOUCHI Akio
Applied Microbiology Characterization and application of microbial function for sustainable production of chemicals and fuels SONOKI Tomonori


Applied Biosciences

Food Development Course
Research Field Research Subject Staff Name
Plant Breeding
Rice genomics and genetics,Development of Genetic resources ISHIKAWA Ryuji
Food Science Control of food spoilage bacteria and foodborne pathogens TOBA Takahiro
Plant Molecular Genetics Seed Pigmentation Phenomena in Yellow Soybean SENDA Mineo
Molecular genetics of bacteria Experimental evolution of RNA bacteriophage and bacteria KASHIWAGI Akiko
Food Chemistry Nutrition and biological function of food resources. MAEDA Hayato
Plant Protection and Environment Course
Research Field Research Subject Staff Name
Comparative Endocrinology Insect Endocrinology, Developmental Biology HIRUMA Kiyoshi
Insect Endocrinology, Programmed cell death KANEKO Yu
Plant Pathology Detection, Molecular Characterization, and Protection of Viroids and Viroid Diseases SANO Teruo
Taxonomy and phylogeny of microfungi (Ascomycota) TANAKA Kazuaki
Soil Science Soil organic matter, Humic substances, Organic farming AOYAMA Masakazu
Soil production, cultivation system MATSUYAMA Nobuhiko
Environmental Botany Molecular Biology of Plant Environmental Adaptation AKADA Shinji


Agriculture and Horticulture

Agriculture and Horticulture Course
Research Field Research Subject Staff Name
Pomology Physiology of tree growth and fruit quality ARAKAWA Osamu
Studies on the genes of flower bud formation and parthenocarpy in apple. TANAKA Norimitsu
New apple cultivation technology, Carbon/water budget in apple orchard ITO Daiyu
Animal Reproduction and Development Animal Reproduction and Animal Biotechnology SUZUKI Hiroyuki
Animal Feeding We are doing research aiming at 1) Improvement of animal performance by nutritional manipulation in early life
2) Better utilization of unused biomass materials in animal feeding
Animal Production Utilization of unused organic materials for animal feed FANG Jiachen
Agricultural Engineering 1) Non-destructive measurements for agricultural product’s quality
2) Applications of image processing and sensing technology for agriculture
ZHANG Shuhuai
Agricultural Machinery 1)Application of remote sensing technology in Agriculture
2)Development of quality evaluation technologies for agricultural products using optical sensing
YE Xujun
Vegetable science Studies on relationship between cultural condition and contents of phytochemicals in vegetables MAEDA Tomoo
Floriculture ( Ornamental Horticulture ) Hybridization breeding and using tissue culture technique to raise hybrid of ornamental plant.
Studying on plant reproduction to utilize and conserve the native wild plant species.
HONDA Kazushige
Crop Science Studies on productivity and environmental stress tolerance in food crops KAWASAKI Michio
Crop Science and Stress Physiology Physiological study on the abiotic stresses in crops and decontamination of radionuclides using phytoremediatio KANG Dong- Jin
Horticulture Physiological studies on the cultivation and quality control of horticultural crops MATSUMOTO Kazuhiro
Agricultural Economics course
Research Field Research Subject Staff Name
Food Economics Expansion of marketing strategic in food industry ISHITSUKA Satoshi
Regional Agricultural Strategy Study on systems of regional resource management SHIBUYA Cyousei
Farm Management Study on regional agriculture and management of the large-scale family farming. YOSHINAKA Satoshi
Rural Sociology Study on agricultural fundamentalism TAKEDA Kyoji
Agricultural Marketing Economic analysis of waste biomass recycling IZUMIYA Masami


Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

Agricultural Civil Engineering Course / Rural Environment Studies Course
Research Field Research Subject Staff Name
Irrigation, Drainage and Hydraulic Engineering Study on Hydraulic design of the water utilization facilities and swimming ability of freshwater fishes necessary for the fishway design. IZUMI Mattashi
Irrigation, Drainage Water Use Engineering Research of the required water quantity and quality for crop production in multiple field using hydrological approach, irritation and drainage system design MARUI Atsushi
Agricultural Land Engineering Studies on percolation pattern of paddy fields and its influence as multi-functionality of paddies SASAKI Choichi
Agricultural Land Physics To develop the soil environment management technique in agricultural land, I’m studying in order to obvious for behavior of the inorganic nitrogen in the agricultural land soil that can be recommended from both the environmental aspects of soil and groundwater and the growth of the crop. ENDO Akira
Agricultural Land Conservation Studies on land conservation and prediction of soil physical environment such as soil water, heat and gas condition in agricultural fields KATO Chihiro
Agricultural Information Engineering Studies on utilization of agricultural land information and management of irrigation and drainage structures facilities KATO Ko
Agricultural Facilities Engineering Study on evaluation of a static-dynamic stability and a performance based design for agricultural hydraulic structures with soil foundations MORI Hiroshi
Rural Energy Engineering Research of the winter growing methods in greenhouse with the groundwater utilization MORITANI Shigeoki
Rural Planning Studies on sustainable rural development, especially for farm land consolidation, rural tourism, and so on FUJISAKI Hiroyuki
Watershed-based Erosion Control Engineering Studies on erosion and sedimentation disasters and mountain geo-ecology
  - Landslide risk management
  - Geo-ecological analysis on deep-seated landslide slopes
  - Low-cost measures against geomorphic hazards for developing countries
HIGAKI Daisuke


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Assessment Criteria for the Master’s Thesis