Site Policies

Site Policies

Date of Enactment: April 1, 2013


This website is managed by Hirosaki University Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science. The Faculty has established the following privacy policies for this website to protect the personal information of all users. The website will be managed under the following guidelines.


1.Collection and Use of Personal Information

This website may automatically collect information such as Internet domain name, IP address, and other information pertaining to access to our website in order to provide a more efficient and safer service in the future. Information will not be collected for any other purposes, and information collection will be conducted in a legal and just manner.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science may also collect personal information that may identify the user, such as mailing address, full name, telephone number, and email address to send notices and additional information, responses to inquiries, and other resources to the user. Collected information will be used strictly within the boundaries of the purposes noted here, and will not be used for any other purposes unless the user personally grants permission to do so.


2.Management of Personal Information

Any personal information collected will not be shared with any third parties without the permission of the user, unless there is a request for disclosure based on a court order, unlawful activities such as illegal access, or any other specific reasons.

Refer to the site policies page on the Hirosaki University homepage (in Japanese) for further information.


3.Security of Personal Information

The Faculty is committed to the proper management of collected personal information, and will take appropriate safety measures against unauthorized access, loss, manipulation, or leakage of personal information.



The copyright of this site belongs to Hirosaki University Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, as well as to the authors of each work published on the site. All rights are reserved with the authors, and secondary use including copying, duplication, and reprints is prohibited by law.


5.Disclaimer for External Links

Links to the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science home page are permitted.

However, we strictly prohibit links from websites with content that is either offensive to public morality or disadvantageous to the Faculty.

We ask that you notify the Faculty upon posting a link. Further, the URL and its content may be altered or removed without prior notice.

Hirosaki University and the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science are not responsible for any inconvenience that may be caused by posting links to our websites.

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