Recent Results

We are interested in clarifying the molecular mechanism of plant growth regulation from a viewpoint of natural products chemistry. Our final goal is to develop new type agrochmicals derived from endogenous growth regulaters.

キーワード:Natural Products Chemistry、Plant Physiology、Growth Regulation of Plants、Development of Agrochemicals

1) Development of boting inhibitor of radish

Radish sown in summer has a short stem (rosette) as a result of inhibition of internode elongation. After winter (vernalization), exclusive stem elongation (bolting) and flowering are induced by endogenous hormonal factors. In cold areas such as Hokkaido, early spring sowing induces unexpected bolting because of chilliness. Bolted radish contains large amount of inedible fiber, and the amount of sugar in the root decreases. Thus, unexpected bolting causes great damage to the production. We recently identified the antiboting compound in radish leaves and disclosed its metabolite (methyl jasmonate) inhibits the bolting of radish. Methyl Jasmonate can not become a bolting inhibitor due to its undesirable effects, such as senescence inducing activity. Thus, we investigated the structure-activity relationship (SAR) study of methyl jasmonate to develop new bolting inhibitor (methyl 3-iso-cucurbate) without undesirable effects.

Methyl 3-iso-cucurbate inhibits the bolting.