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The ribosome is an RNA- and protein-based macromolecule having multiple functional domains to facilitate protein synthesis, and it is synthesized through multiple steps. We are studying to reveal the new insights into the function and biosynthesis of the bacterial ribosome. 


Research Theme

Ribosome rescue systems 

Trans-translation is a novel quality control system in bacteria that rescues the ribosome stalled on truncated mRNA during protein synthesis. This reaction involves a novel protein synthesis mediated by tmRNA, a chimeric RNA of tRNA and mRNA, during which mRNA is switched to a part of tmRNA. We have been studying the molecular mechanism and cellular function of trans-translation since we found tmRNA and trans-translation in the middle of 1990th. We also investigate other ribosome rescue systems mediated by ArfA and YaeJ. 


Maturation process of bacterial ribosome

The ribosome is an RNA- and protein-based macromolecule that facilitates a highly sophisticated function, protein synthesis, and it is synthesized through multiple steps including transcription, stepwise cleavages of the primary transcript, modifications of ribosomal proteins and RNAs, and assemblies of ribosomal proteins with rRNAs. This process requires dozens of trans-acting factors including GTP and ATP binding proteins to overcome several energy-consuming steps. We found RsgA, a novel GTPase involved in ribosome maturation as well as its function. We aim to reveal the maturation process of bacterial ribosome through studying the functions of RsgA and other ribosome maturation factors. 


A novel mechanism of adaptation of bacterial cells to osmotic shock 

We showed that defect in ribosome maturation factors or in protein synthesis causes higher osmotic tolerance of bacterial cells. We investigates a new cellular mechanism of stress resistance of bacterial cells.  

Education & Appointments

1978-1983 Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tokyo

       Function of a modified nucleotide in thermophilic tRNA


1983-1985  Graduate School of Agriculture, University of Tokyo

       Irregular genetic code in animal mitochondria


1985-1988 Ajinomoto Co.

       Development and secondary metabolites in plants


1988-1993 Assistant Professor, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

       tRNA identity

       Origin of protein synthesis


1993-1997 Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, Hirosaki University

       tRNA identity

       trans-translation mediated by tmRNA


1997-2006  Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Hirosaki University

       trans-translation mediated by tmRNA

       A novel GTPase activated by the small subunit of the ribosome


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We have made several novel findings as follows: 

  1. A finding of tmRNA, which is a hybrid of tRNA and mRNA
  2. A finding of trans-translation, which produces one polypeptide from two mRNAs
  3. A finding of a GTPase that is activated by the small subunit of the ribosome
  4. A finding of a protein mimicking tRNA and mRNA
  5. A finding of a novel osmotic resistance of bacterial cells involving ribosome maturation

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Hyouta Himeno