Kazushige Honda

  • Title Associate Professor
  • Department International Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Course Agriculture and Horticulture Course
  • Research Field Floriculture ( Ornamental Horticulture )
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  • Phone +81-172-39-3812


Welcome to the field of flowers and horticulture.

Using flower = plant as a material, new discovery and creation of new value.

Research Theme

Our laboratory develops education and research mainly on themes related to reproduction, growth & flowering, and breeding for flowers = plants.


  • An Attempt to Improve the Efficiency of Propagation and Cultivation on Erythronium japonicum by Using Bulb-appendage. Honda K.,T. Araya, F. Satou, M. Takishita, I. Kumagai, T. Maeda K. Katsukawa and Y. Ishikawa : HORT. RES.(JAPAN) 16 (SUPPL.2) 2017
  • Anthocyanins from the Flowers of Erythronium japonicum. Honda K.,H. Uchisawa and F. Tatsuzawa : HORT. RES.(JAPAN) 16 (SUPPL.1) 2017
  • Sexsual reproductive characters of Delphinium anthriscifolium Hance. Miyashita,M., K.Honda and T.Maeda: HORT. RES.(JAPAN) 16 (SUPPL.1) 2017
  • The Effects of Ion Beam Irradiation on Variation in the M1 Generation of Two Strains of Delphinium grandiflorum var. chinense. K. Honda , S. Taneichi, T. Maeda, S. Goto, Y. Shikanai, K. Sasaki, S. Nozawa and Y. Hase JAEA-Review. 3-45 : 107(2015)
  • Development of ion beam breeding technology in plants and creation of useful plant resources. Y. Hase, S. Nozawa, T. Okada, I. Asami, T. Nagatani, Y. Matsuo, A. Kanazawa, K. Honda, I. Narumi JAEA-Review 102:59(2013)


We cultivate and manage our own plant materials ourselves and conduct experiment and research according to the theme. Greenhouse and experimental field, sometimes habitat and/or park where the plants are growing, are to become our research area.

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Kazushige Honda