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Masatoshi Matsuzaki

  • Title Professor
  • Department International Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Course Agriculture and Horticulture Course
  • Research Field Animal Feeding
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Research Theme

Ruminant nutritional physiology, feed and meat sciences

My research focus on understanding and application of developmental programming in ruminant production system and better utilization of unused feed resources such as apple pomace in sustainable animal agriculture in Japan.

Education & Appointments

1989-2006 Research scientist at Kyushu Okinawa National Agricultural Research Center

2003-2004 Visiting Scientist at Rowett research Institute (Aberdeen, UK)

2006- Associate Professor and Professor of Animal Science at Hirosaki University


Muroya, S., Hagi, T., Kimura, A., Aso, H., Matsuzaki, M., Nomura, M. Lactogenic hormones alter cellular and extracellular microRNA expression in bovine mammary epithelial cell culture. Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, 2016, 7:8, DOI: 10.1186/s40104-016-0068-x. 

Fang, J., Cao, Y., Matsuzaki, M., Suzuki, H. Effects of apple pomace proportion levels on the fermentation quality of total mixed ration silage and its digestibility, preference and ruminal fermentation in beef cows. Animal Science Journal, 87: 217-223. 2016.

Islam, S., Fang, J., Suzuki, H., Matsuzaki, M. Postprandial hyperketonemia after feeding of alcoholic fermented apple pomace silage in Suffolk ewes. Journal of Animal Science Advances, 4: 845-854. 2014. 

Kamiya, M., Matsuzaki, M., Orito, H., Tsuneishi, E. Effects of feeding level of milk replacer on body growth, plasma metabolite and insulin concentrations, and visceral organ growth of suckling calves. Animal Science Journal, 80: 662-668. 2009.

Wallace, J., Milne, J., Matsuzaki, M., Aitken, R. Serial measurement of uterine blood flow from mid to late gestation in growth restricted pregnancies induced by overnourishing adolescent sheep dams. Placenta, 29: 718-724. 2008.

Matsuzaki, M., Milne, J., Aitken, R., Wallace, J. Overnourishing pregnant adolescent ewes preserves perirenal fat deposition in their growth-restricted fetuses. Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 18: 357-364. 2006.


Animal Science lab is carrying out experiments on metabolic programming, feed and meat sciences by using sheep, calves and rodent animals. But, we do not eliminate any possibility of novel challenge of research. 

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Masatoshi Matsuzaki