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ZHANG Shu-huai

  • Title Professor
  • Department International Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Course Agriculture and Horticulture Course
  • Research Field Agricultural Engineering
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The power of one individual may be small, but if we get together then we will be more powerful than expected. So, collaboration is the most important thing, not only in the social activities but also in the academic research. 

Let us enjoy the daily classes or laboratory works together!

Research Theme

1)Applications of image processing technology in agriculture

 Image processing is an effective tool in various fields, and its applications in agriculture include robotics, remote sensing, fruit grading, etc.

2)Non-destructive measurements of agricultural product’s quality

 This topic includes the measurements of agricultural product’s density, firmness, sweetness, optical reflectance and transmission, etc.

Education & Appointments


  • Xuan Luo, Teruo Takahashi, Koki Kyo, Shuhuai Zhang: Wavelength selection in vis/NIR spectra for detection of bruises on apples by ROC analysis, Journal of Food Engineering, 109 (3), 457–466, 2012
  • Xujun Ye, Yue Shi, Ming Sun, Shuhuai Zhang: Non-destructive Prediction of Hardness of Carrots using Hyperspectral Imaging, No.2014-0870, 18th World Congress of CIGR, Beijing, September 2014
  • Di Zhang, Ming Sun, Xujun Ye, Shuhuai Zhang: Study on the Optical Non-destructive Quality Detection Method of Mini-watermelon, No.2014-1012, 18th World Congress of CIGR, Beijing, September 2014
  • Naoya Konosu, Mitsuhiko Katahira, Motoyasu Natsuga, Shuhuai Zhang: Vegetable Soybean (Edamame) Sorting Machine Using Image Processing, Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Machinery and Mechatronics for Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering (ISMAB), Yilan, Taiwan, 21-23 May 2014
  • Xujun Ye, Kanako Iino, Shuhuai Zhang, Seiichi Oshita: Nondestructive Monitoring of Chicken Meat Freshness Using Hyperspectral Imaging Technology, 7th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing:Evolution in Remote Sensing, 2-5 June 2015, Tokyo, Japan
  • Xujun Ye, Tomoki Izawa, Shuhuai Zhang: Development of an Android Application for Determination of Lycopene Content in Tomato Fruit, International Symposium on Machinery and Mechatronics for Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ISMAB 2016), 23-25 May 2016, Niigata, Japan
  • Xujun Ye, Kanako Iino, Shuhuai Zhang:Monitoring of bacterial contamination on chicken meat surface using a novel narrowband spectral index derived from hyperspectral imagery data,Meat Science,Volume 122, Pages 25–31,December 2016
  • O. Arakawa, S. Kikuya, P. Pungpomin, S. Zhang and N. Tanaka:Accumulation of anthocyanin in apples in response to blue light at 450 nm: recommendations for producing quality fruit color under global warming,Eur. J. Hortic. Sci. 81(6), 297–302,December 2016
  • Xujun Ye, Shyota Ishioka, Shuhuai Zhang:Estimation of the degree of red coloration in flesh of a red-fleshed apple cultivar ‘Kurenai no Yume’ with a UV-Vis-NIR interactance device, Postharvest Biology and Technology , Volume 124, Pages 128–136, February 2017


Faculty member

Professor: ZHANG Shu-huai

Associate Professor: YE Xu-Jun


main research interests

  • LED applications in fruit production and decontamination of foods
  • non-destructive measurement in horticulture, livestock product, fishery
  • IoT device’s applications in agriculture

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ZHANG Shu-huai